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Cattior Mens Solid Summer Leather Slippers Open Toe Slippers Brown wivmH603Fp
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Cattior Mens Solid Summer Leather Slippers Open Toe Slippers Brown wivmH603Fp Cattior Mens Solid Summer Leather Slippers Open Toe Slippers Brown wivmH603Fp Cattior Mens Solid Summer Leather Slippers Open Toe Slippers Brown wivmH603Fp Cattior Mens Solid Summer Leather Slippers Open Toe Slippers Brown wivmH603Fp

Astro-Photography and Astronomy Tools

Astro-Photography and Astronomy Tools

Such disparity from his life at Maryland left Keihn “more hungry to be successful than I ever have been.”

“He was burdened with a heightened sense of responsibility,” said former Gilman coach Biff Poggi, whose family housed and supported Keihn in high school. “This is going to impact the rest of his life.”

With two more seasons of eligibility, Keihn plans to graduate next spring with a degree in family science, hoping to become a counselor for kids or people who’ve experienced traumatic events — unless he gets a chance in the NFL.

He wants to provide his mom safety and less grueling work in America.

“That is his No. 1 priority right now,” his dad, Bainda, said. “He said he’s going to work harder than ever to make sure that happens.”

By Josh Stirn
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The discussion about the greatest NBA player of all-time has become increasingly popular as many experts believe LeBron James has a legitimate shot to dethrone Michael Jordan for the “G.O.A.T.” title by the end of his career.

But before there was MJ versus LeBron, Jordan had another rival from his own era who helped feed his competitive fire during his college days. That, of course, was Maryland’s Len Bias, who tragically passed away due to a cocaine overdose after the Boston Celtics selected him No. 2 overall in the 1986 NBA Draft. To this day, there’s players who played against both Jordan and Bias in the ACC who insist Bias was better in college, including former Virginia star Olden Polynice, who told ESPN’s Chris Broussard in May that Bias would’ve been better than Jordan on the biggest stage as well.

Polynice likened Bias to a “slimmer Lebron.”

“I personally believe he would’ve superseded Mike,” Polynice, a 15-year NBA veteran who had multiple battles with Jordan and Bias while playing at Virginia in the mid-1980s, said. “We wouldn’t have heard about Michael Jordan as much. Mike probably would’ve become great, but [Bias] had the edge of Mike because he was a better shooter, he was a better athlete, he was bigger and stronger.”

Polynice, who was one class behind Bias and two behind Jordan, only notched one win against the two iconic ACC legends. During his third and final year in college, Polynice’s Cavaliers cruised to a 21-point home victory in 1986, only to lose to Bias and the Terps for the fifth time in the regular season finale six weeks later.

Polynice recalled taunting Bias after he blocked his shot during the first matchup in 1986, when Bias was a senior and on the verge on being named ACC Player of the Year for the second consecutive year. As Bias laid on the ground, Polynice shouted down at him before realizing his mistake.

“Oh lord,” Polynice remembered thinking. “I woke up the beast.”

The Implications of Charlottesville

Like everyone else, I’ve been thinking a lot about the events in Charlottesville last week, and President Trump’s comments about those events. I taught at UVA for 16 years and I lived a few blocks East of Emancipation Park (back when it was called “Lee Park”). I share in the horror felt by my friends and former neighbors that neo-Nazis, the KKK, terrorism, and death came to our lovely town.

I was also taken aback that President Trump found it so difficult to condemn the alt-right marchers—all of them. His August 15 th press conference in Trump Tower, where he said that the marchers included some “very fine people” struck me as an act of national sacrilege. Yes, there was violence perpetrated by both sides. Antifa is a pro-violence organization, and it was not inappropriate to condemn violence on both sides. But the central task for Trump in all three of his main statements was not to figure out which side was more to blame. It was to condemn neo-Nazis and the KKK unequivocally. He only managed to do that in the second of his three statements, and he effectively undid his condemnation in his third statement. When he said that there were some “very fine people” on both sides, including the neo-Nazi side, this struck me as something new in modern American political history. Those three words seemed to me to be a potential turning point in Trump’s presidency.

To explain why I thought “very fine people” could be a turning point, I wrote an Minishion Womens Girls Classic Satin Latin Ballroom Dancing Shoes Wedding Party Evening Sandals Brozne75cm Heel jnnLE
in which I analyzed the whole affair through the lens of my research on moral psychology—specifically the psychology of sacredness, taboo, and contamination. I showed how the psychology of sacredness could explain why the alt-right would march to defend a statue, why UVA students would risk their lives to defend another statue, and why the President’s delays and equivocations in condemning white supremacists are likely to have longer-lasting effects than his previous taboo violations. Here’s a passage:

Taboo violations are contagious. They render the transgressor “polluted,” in the language of anthropology, and the moral stain rubs off on those who physically touch the transgressor, as well as on those who fail to distance themselves from the transgressor. When people march with Nazis and Klansmen, even if they keep their mouths closed when others are chanting, and even if they don’t personally carry swastika or Klan flags, they acquire the full moral stain of Nazis and Klansmen. By saying that some of these men were “very fine people,” the president has taken that stain upon himself.

I then discussed the “second order punishment effects” that are likely to damage Trump’s presidency for as long as he’s in office, and that can do great damage to him even if his core supporters never abandon him. Second order punishment is where people mobilize not just to punish the transgressor, but to punish anyone who fails to punish the transgressor. It helps to explain why so many people, even some people on the right, are making public statements to distance themselves from the President.

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